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Green wood instead of logs
Inne  | 06.01.2017 @06:20:43

~Qizhenbi    06.01.2017 @06:20:43

Now wood-plastic materials used in life there are many, such as wood-plastic flooring, scenic areas of all types of wood-plastic profiles. So what is the advantage of wood-plastic, so that consumers so favor it? Then today's wood-plastic manufacturers mangrove small field to explain to you wood compared to wood or other traditional wood, there are many unique advantages:

(1) green energy saving and environmental protection. It is estimated that the use of 1 ton of plastic wood per cut is equivalent to cutting 1.5 eucalyptus trees at 30 years of age, reducing 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide and releasing 13.8 tons of oxygen (plastic lumber is generally considered to be three times the natural wood in normal outdoor environments) , Save 80 barrels of oil (1% grade), reduce the pollution of 60,000 waste plastic bags and reduce the plastic film hidden in 114 acres of farmland residues. Multilayer Pool Deck Companyengineered wood waterproof
(2) does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemical composition, safe and comfortable.
(3) has an excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, crack, mold, moth and anti-fouling properties.
(4) insulation, durability, long life, the life of ordinary wood 3 ~ 10 times.
(5) high density, high strength, easy to deformation.
(6) without painting, grinding, easy maintenance, easy to clean.
(7) no secondary processing, easy to install.
(8) can be completely recovered.building furniture from composite decking

The above eight aspects of the unique advantages of wood plastic profiles, want to know more about the knowledge of WPC profiles, please visit our website.......multi level pool deck company
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