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"A free improvisation gig is difficult to understand in conventional terms. Musicians who seem serious, introverted, make images with sounds from which meaning is difficult to extract; leave questions in your mind.

Consider the opposite - the symphony orchestra. More than 60 musicians, disciplined, rehearsed, under the leadership of a conductor who knows the score. The conductor permits only an interpretation of the written expression of the published work. His reputation rests as much on fidelity to the composer's original intentions as it does on the acceptable nuances he squeezes from it.

The infrastructure required for a symphony orchestra is a big business. It implies conservatoire, generations of students dedicating their young lives in the hope that they too will one day be able to demonstrate their virtuosity under the baton of the conductor. Teachers who must equip them for the reality of that life, and the funding that enables them all to assemble in the concert hall or the rehearsal room day after day, year after year. It is expensive.

Symphony orchestras are the creations of kings, emperors, businessmen, city governments. And for their subsidies, a price is exacted. The powerful, arguably pernicious effect of the demands of a system of those who would subsidize an orchestra would make. The big guys are paying for art in their own image. Big ideas come from big organizations, a synthesis of the ideas of many. Free improvising musicians have only their own ideas. An experiment, a spiritual journey. Perhaps this is why it is a minority culture, for what reason is there to promote the ideas of ordinary individuals, or at least, ordinary in ways other than their ability to free improvise? The journey is more important than the sound which is arrived at, which begs the question: what is the use of reproducing and packaging any point along it for commercial profit?

But fellow travelers, true scientists with a desire for inquiry, artists who seek escape from cultural restraint, anyone seeking freedom and truth in the fullest sense of the words will find not only a psychological aid to their own endeavors, but the necessary political freedom that encourages the next stage of human development."

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~Zoochaa Podoba mi się    18.01.2010 @22:05:25
ileż ekspresji ! aż podskoczyłam !
"Żyj tak aby Twoim znajomym zrobiło się nudno kiedy umrzesz"
~oliloli Podoba mi się    10.12.2009 @17:09:28
szmeges teges bardzo m isie podoba
~dawideq Podoba mi się    10.12.2009 @16:52:50

do siebie zapraszam
~julllia Podoba mi się    10.12.2009 @16:51:00
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