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Finally I finished another portrait of one of the Brothers Wojtek Cugowski. It was a portrait which required a lot of patience and a little more time because of the large iość details. I am very happy that it is already finished. This time devoted to work approx. 25 hours and the paper size is close to the A3 with a little difference. I hope you will be pleased portrait.

Wojciech Cugowski (b. July 11, 1976 in Lublin) – Polish musician, guitarist and lead singer of Brothers. Cugowski son Christopher. In the years 1991-1995 he was the lead singer of Tipsy Train. He also sang in a band alligators in 1995-1999. In 1997, he played his first acoustic show with his brother Peter – it was the beginning of their band founded by brothers, whose business dates back to 2001 years. In 2003, Guitar and Bass magazine awarded him the prize in the category “Hope of the Year” (he received it as Wojtek Cugowski with the team).

June 9, 2007, he and his team won the festival organized Brothers in Sopot TOPtrendy and finished second in the Premier competition Opole. In 2004, he played a cameo role in the movie Attractive know you … He took part in a television program Bar V: VIP June 19, 2008, he married Krystyna Marczewska, a specialist in music therapy. December 2, 2008 came into the world their first child – a daughter Veronica. As a session musician has performed and recorded with numerous artists scene Lublin, including the jolly Sip (CD “And besides …” released in 2012.), Mark Dyjak (CD “Just in time” and the Federation of Lublin Bard (CD “Empire”.

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