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!JakkaS | rysunek / concept art

Kolejny koncept na cotygodniowy konkurs na CA.org
Tym razem do wymyślenia był stworek, którego nie można zobaczyć gdy się na niego patrzy. Mój "PODGLĄDACZ" to paskudne stworzonko, które wykorzystywane jest do szpiegowania. W wolnym czasie lubi sobie POOGLADAĆ .....kobiety.....najlepiej nagie. Ot, takie hobby. :D

Szkic + PS. Oryginał: 5370x3012px. Czas: około 4-5 godzin.
Sorcerers from Kalimshtag Archipelago created these creatures especialy for spying. These small creatures are very intelligent, because their brains are very big and they can easily learn a lot of new things. They know a few languages used on the Archipelago, so they can understand almost all races living in this part of the world. At the begining they were used to spy on other mages and nobles to obtain their secrets such a magic formulas or informations that could be used to blackmail. They were bound with their creators, so they had to obey them. However, they finally discovered the way to freedom, they did be created to get other people' secrets. When they became free they started to serve for money or other valuable things [Nobody knows why, because they have never bought anything].
Why are they so good in spying? Because they can become invisible. Their skin has many bubbles that are full of "living silver". These liquid metal bubbles can enlarge and when are big enough covers whole creature. The surface of this big silver bubble looks like a mirror that reflects the surrounding. But it's not a reflect, that is visible in a particular bubble. Image seen in front of Pepper is shown in his back, so it looks like you are able to see through his body. The deflection caused by angle of refraction can be only perceived in indirect look. This process is very quick but sometimes [rarely] when the creature is not well concentrated become almost visible, because image on the silver surface looks like image on the broken mirror. When caught out spying it uses sound waves to stun the person that noticed its present. Its hobby is to .....peep at naked girls having a bath.

Przypisanie sobie autorstwa całości lub części cudzej pracy, jej deformacja lub edycja bez zezwolenia autora
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