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Natalia and her nightmare
!trumienka | fotografia / abstrakcyjne

It is a fairy tale about a little girl, who happened to partially woke up from a very long dream, in the dark and mysterious place, on the border of day and night, where the light has not yet been separated from the dark. She could not move. Her body was heavy and cold as if it was enclosed in ice, or wrapped in an old, dense web. Hours passed and even years. The only things that visited her were the monsters from her dreams, thus she started to succumb to them. She no longer could bear loneliness, so she invited them to play with her flesh. Do you know them? They will torture your body until you will eventually start to like it. You are so alone, as much as I am.

Przypisanie sobie autorstwa całości lub części cudzej pracy, jej deformacja lub edycja bez zezwolenia autora
podlega karze grzywny, ograniczeniu wolności lub pozbawieniu wolności do lat 3.